I figure myself as an average do’er. Just like the most of Americans living pay check to check. That was ok until I went through a divorce.

The financial situation was taking a wrong turn and I needed something to help dig out of the rut I was in. My credit was trashed and no-one was ready to offer any kind of loans. It was even hard to obtain TV service or get propane. The bankruptcy thing was always looming over my head. That’s when I figured I would have to do everything on my own to get what I wanted.

My wants were simple… I needed a small house out in the country.

 That’s when I found a fixer upper for cheap. It was a totally gutted 900 square foot home that needed a lot of repair. It was do-able. I took a huge gamble that paid off. Read on through the site to see how I used a home remodeling project to make money and get myself back on my feet.