A DIY Home Remodeling Project for the Average Guy

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Why I Started DIY Home Remodeling Project

Starting a remodeling project

Growing Up

My name is Dennis. I was born in 1969 and moved around the country until I was about 10. We had finally settled in a small growing town. I Graduated high school and went on to the local college. From there I had studied electronics which led into the field of aviation electronics (avionics). I moved to further my education in the Avionics field. When I graduated, the aircraft maintenance industry was really slow. I was having no luck finding a job in the aviation industry.
I had a few jobs while growing up. One was with a well known retailer that kept me employed while I waited for an aviation job. I worked as a appliance repair man serving customers over several counties. I gained a lot from this learning to troubleshoot.
I finally landed a job in the aviation business back in the 90's. Cool stuff. I have been learning ever since.
Married by the age of 32, I was on my way to family life. I became a Daddy by age 33. What an awesome feeling! It wasn't but a year later and the marriage dissolved.

Trimming grass


 My parents were a huge help. They helped me through the rough times and got me back on my feet. I was able to rent a nice little house while I searched for a fixer-upper. I couldn't afford much at the time as my financial situation was pretty much in ruins.
  Using the money from the sale of a marital house and other savings, I was able to purchase a fixer-upper.

Working in the attic

Knowledge and Ambition from my Parents

I think I get a lot of ambition and ideas from my mother. Talented she is, creating new decorations in just about every way imaginable. She has been a major inspiration to my success.
My father is also quite the wood worker. I try to take after that. He has built many things in his life from furniture to homes. I guess I try to take after his talents by remodeling this home and other projects such as a all valve guitar amp that I've been working on. Hopefully some of his knowledge and talents wear off on me.