Design and Floor Plan Layout

How I Designed the Interior Floor Plan

Four room layout

A Basic Four Room House

The existing floor plan was very simple. It consisted of four basic rooms. All but the wall that divided the front two rooms were structural. This meant, any changes to the existing room sizes could possibly require some thought on load bearing structures.
In the photo to your left, the blue boxes indicate windows, and the magenta boxes indicate doors. The overall dimensions roughly bring the house to 1100 square feet.
Luckily, my plan was kinda simple, and would only require a few headers to open up some entry ways.

My first concept drawing of the floor plan

My Initial Floor Plan Layout

Initially I had some wants. They included having at least 1-1/2 baths. I also wanted large rooms, especially in the kitchen and living room areas. The bedrooms could be in the mediocre size range.
It took a lot of beers and cigarettes to plan out every aspect of the design. Never attempting this kind of project before would prove to be a challenge.
Eventually I came up with the floor plan as illustrated to your right. The bathrooms and bedrooms were somewhat tight but very workable. I would use the little 6-1/2 foot X 17-1/2 foot room in the back as a utility / laundry / entry room. Things were looking promising at this point.

Design and Floor Plan Notes

Interior Structures

Laundry and Utility Room

The laundry / utility / entry room idea came to a big halt very shortly after we discovered the little rom was simply a back porch that was enclosed at some point in time. The foundation was not suitable for a an actual laundry / utility room. We discovered some very loose concrete that was supporting thr structure and decided it was best to eliminate the entire back room. More on that later.
For now, back to the planning and design. My floor plan layout was essentially ruined.

The Plan

Making the Floor Plan Work

There was one other "want" that I really desired. I really wanted my laundry on the first floor. That was a must. If you ever dealt with a lower level laundry, I'll bet you know what I mean.
I had a brand new washer and dryer set at my rent house that I needed to find space for on the main level. This took hours of thinking and measuring. I just couldn't find a way to incorporate a 1-1/2 bath with laundry on the same level, let a single bath and laundry on the same level. What to do.
The only way I figured my needs would work was with the floor plan above. The square box the right of the stairwell indicates the washer and dryer. Yes, it's a stack unit. I eventually sold my washer and dryer set and bought another brand new set made by Whirlpool. They were the front loader style that you could stack. The stackable washer dryer combo turned out to be my solution to accomodate the loss of the back room. There was a little more expense with this solution but it works.
The bedrooms would be large and provide plenty of closet space. You can also see I incorporated closets for coats and linens in the hallways.
This design was a general floor plan layout that I could modify slightly as needed to accomodate the old structure of the house.

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