DIY Home Exterior Projects

Exterior Remodeling DIY Home Projects

Old windows and doors

Save Money by Doing It Yourself

With lots of homes on the market today you have a wide range of choice in what you can buy. There are many move in ready homes but if you are looking to save money and have the ability to do home projects on your own, then the options are endless with a huge savings potential as well.

Once I got started on my own I found it super easy to do my own home remodeling. The savings are enormous when compared to hiring a contractor to do the work for you. Typically you could expect to pay as much as 3 times or more the cost of materials to have a contractor do the work for you.

Doing a siding job yourself is really easier than most would think. The trickiest part of installing vinyl siding is setting up the first row or starter strip. See picture details of installing siding

Most older homes have wood soffit and fascia panels which unless kept up will most likely be in need of repair. Updating your soffit and fascia is easy. A little soffit and fascia installation research will save you tons of money by doing it yourself.


Old Siding and Soffit

Projects around the House

 Other than fixing up the siding, soffit and fascia of your home you may want to do some other projects such as building a deck. If you're into adding adding value to a home a back deck can really appeal to many people. A few simple tools and some knowledge of your specific local building codes are all thats needed to do this project yourself.

As an added touch to a back deck a covered porch could be built. A covered porch really adds value to your home project and creates added outdoor living space even when the weather gets a little less than desirable. See more pictures of building a covered porch.