Installing New Windows

Nobody ever said remodeling a home would easy. The old house had mostly original windows installed. These windows were the kind that had wood frames and the large lead weight to balance the pane when opened. The glass was the old style wavy kind. Some people pay top dollar for that wavy glass – a good way to recoupe some expense would be to re-sale the old wood frame windows.

The previous owner had partially installed some older re-used vinyl windows. My plan involved changing the size to a larger style double pane single hung vinyl window. Every window in the house woud require re-framing to accomodate the larger vinyl windows.

The old windows were removed and old framing was cut out. New framing structure was built in place to fit the new double pane single hung vinyl windows. Headers were built up to support the load of the roof trusses directly overhead. New king studs and jack studs were installed as well. The old house framing was not as square in places so it was a little tricky in places to keep things all in level. The new window installation was easy once all the framing was in place. Below are window framing and installation pictures.