How to Install Soffit and Facia

Installing Soffit and Facia

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Facia and Soffit Installation

F - Channel and Soffit

First things first. I started out by squaring and leveling up the soffit F Channel against the house. The F Channel is shaped exactly as the letter F is written. The two fingers of the letter F make up the groove that holds the soffit in place.

The lower leg of the F channel is where you fasten the channel to the house with nails.
A soffit installation is used to provide a close out to the roof. It is also made with tiny holes to allow ventilation. By thermal action, air will enter thru the soffit and escape through the attic vents located at the gable ends. This keeps your attic cooled.
Using string and chalk I was able to snap a line across the front of the house level with end of the roof truss. This is where I will install the F channel.
I needed to figure the width of the soffit by measuring from the F channel to the roof truss edge. The soffit comes in sheets of 10 ft long by 30 inches wide. I was able to cut the soffit to width needed with the vinyl siding cutting jig I made. Let me explain a little more detail. The soffit has two different edges long ways with the sheet (10 ft). One edge is designed to couple to the other. By cutting of pieces of the soffit and joining them together (end to end) you will form the run of soffit that you see installed on a house. This is where the measurement from the house to the roof truss end comes in to play.

Installing Soffit

How Facia, Soffit and F Channel are used together

Installing Soffit and Facia

  • Use a string line to level F Channel.
  • Nail F Channel to the house
  • Soffit comes in 10 ft sheets and is cut at 90 degrees to the length.
  • Use a vinyl siding cutting jig to cut the Soffit.
  • Soffit is joined end to end to form the run of soffit.
  • Insert soffit into the F channel.
  • Screw or nail the soffit to the roof truss end .
  • Check level at various stages of the process.
  • Install Facia with colored coordinated aluminum finish nails
  • Make facia lap joints as to where normal wind doesn't catch the next piece of facia.
  • See how I did the corners by making a gable end soffit box.
Installaing Facia

Installing Facia

Before I installed the Facia I had to have the soffit up and fastened to the roof truss.
Facia is quite simple actually. It basically provides a weather barrier for the roof truss end and also holds the soffit edge in place. It is installed using aluminum finish nails. Aluminum is used so you wont get any staining due to oxidation or rusting. Nails can be purchased in different colors to match your installation.
Generally two people would be ideal for installing a piece of facia. The facia is aluminum and very thin and flexible. I would recommend installing on a low wind day.
The facia is set in place and nailed at an end. Exercise caution when nailing as to not allow the facia to wrinkle. This can happen very easily, so try and hold the facia firmly in place while nailing not allowing any movement. I generally staggered the nails top to bottom every 6 to 8 inches. Use a round headed finish hammer for nailing so you wont crease the facia if you hit the nail improperly.

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