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Vinyl Siding Cutting Fixture / Jig

Vinyl Siding Cutting Fixture / Jig

Depending on the type of circular saw you have, the vinyl siding cutting fixture / jig can be modified and adaptable to practically any saw. This jig is made from a sheet of 3/4 inch OSB and a couple of 2X4's.

As you can see fixture is rectangular in shape about 4  feet by 3 feet total dimension. The cutting area is a little wider than 2 feet to accommodate a sheet of soffit (this can be used for multiple projects!). The vinyl siding cutting fixture needs to be fairly long to allow room for diagonal cutting.

At the end of the cutting jig I have a fence set up at 90 degrees to guide the saw for end cuts. I used 3 pieces of 1/2 OSB to hold the saw above the material. Two pieces of 1/2" OSB are used to rest the saw on. The last piece goes on top of the outer  most OSB to provide a fence.

The diagonal guide / fence can be set at any angle to accommodate many cuts. I used drywall screws to fasten the whole project together. With drywall screws the diagonal fence can be changed to many different angles in a snap.

Cutting vinyl siding to the desired length

Cutting Vinyl Siding to the Desired Length

Once you are set up simply feed your marked piece of vinyl siding into the cutting fixture / jig and hold firmly against the 2X4 and cut. The finished end cut will be nice and smooth.

Install the blade backwards for smooth cuts.

End Cutting Vinyl Siding

End Cutting Vinyl Siding

Using the circular saw will make really clean vinyl siding cuts that you can use for overlapping exposed panel pieces.

Vinyl Siding Cutting Fixture / Jig For Diagonal Cutting

Vinyl Siding Cutting Fixture / jig For Diagonal Cutting

The jig can be set up to cut on a diagonal. The diagonal cuts are great for installing vinyl siding up the gable end side of a house roof line. Most of the time j-Channel would be used to hide (finish off) the diagonal cut end of the siding panel.

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