DIY Home Remodeling Projects

Starting a DIY Home Remodeling Project

Junk around the exterior

Junk around the Exterior and Interior

The place was a total mess when I took possession. It really made me wonder if I had done the right thing. This was no time to be second guessing myself, so we got right after the mess.

My parents were there to help get the cleanup process going. We had started with the interior. All of the large junk was thrown outside and stacked along the side of the house.
There was quite a bit of left over lumber of various sizes. I kept all the extra lumber and stacked it for use at a later date. I figured I could try and save as much building material as I could since it would come in handy at a later date.
Meanwhile, my step dad was walking the yard picking up leftover trash. He had a fair size pile when he was done. Later on he brought his own lawn tractor and gave the yard its first cut. The lawn had gone quite a while without any trimming. Needless to say, It took a few cuttings to get all that grass in a manageable state.

Interior of the Storage shed

Interior of the Storage Shed

The little 12 X 20 shed looked as if it were used to store junk. I mean JUNK. There was just about nothing of any kind of value inside it. we pulled the junk out and stacked it up outside in preparation for a trip to the junk yard. The floor was a mix of dirt and rock along with some broken glass and other crap.
The storage shed looked to be as old as the home. It was constructed of rough sawn oak. This was going to be another project in itself.

Burning debris

Burning Yard Debris

Luckily, I already had a Stihl chainsaw a.k.a. the Gas-Ax. That has been one of my most favorite tool purchases. With a sharp chain, the saw will cut through wood like a knife through butter. I made lots of use of the saw. Numerous trees needed trimmed along with several downed tree limbs.
The burn pile pictured was used about once a week. It seems I always had a pile of debris to burn.

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