Remodeling a Home Requires Lots of Labor

  The person I bought the house from got a fair price from myself. I think both parties were happy in the end. The seller was rid of huge remodeling project.
  The house had been vacant for at least two years. The previous owner had already gutted the interior and had a new roof installed. Having the interior gutted already proved to be a big help. I was able to modify the structure as needed to suit my taste. In addition it was less work that I had to do as far as a demolition project goes.
  The roof had been recently updated which was a plus. The fact that I didn’t have to work the roof or tear out most of the interior saved a lot of time, effort and money.

The interior of a home remodeling project

  First look of the interior sent my mind spinning. The interior was completely gutted less the ceiling. I mean, all of the walls were just studs. No drywall or plaster to be seen on any wall. Though, the ceiling had been untouched. The floor was covered in all kinds of debris. Quite the mess it was. There were a few spots where the floor had been ripped up. Probably due to some kind of water damage. Two other holes in the floor were for the old chimney stacks that supported old oil burning heaters in the basement. The inside seemed to be divided into four sections. All of which were about the same in size. At least I was able to take a good look at the structure before I had decided to purchase this huge project.
  The previous owner had started on some sort of remodel. Not sure where he was going with it though. He had left behind a refrigerator, which actually worked. I ended up giving it to a coworker. There was a brand new shower stall already in place. Seemed a bit early in the remodeling project to have that installed, but whatever, it came out anyhow.