Attempting a home remodeling project proved to be quite labor intensive. I new I was up for the challenge.
  I had been searching for a remodeling project for about a year. With the help of a realtor that I had used once before, we set off trying to locate a property that would fit my needs.Home Remodeling Project House
  The search seemed to take forever. Homes in my price range were just not up to my expectations. I was looking for a home remodeling project under 50K that I could remodel and end up with a nice piece of property. Most homes we looked at were in need of some major remodeling work and were way over priced for the project at hand. Too much for a DIY’er. I couldn’t have that. The search continued. I could see my realtor getting a little annoyed with the project homes we were looking at. I couldn’t blame her for that. She was a great help throughout the process.
  As it turns out, I found a home in the local paper and never used my realtor for the purchase of a home at all. I was sure I made my realtor mad, since she had worked very hard trying to find the right home for me. All said and done though, she was happy for me. She was probably just tired of looking at junk and glad I got the project home I was looking for.

 Obviously in my year of searching, the real estate market was good. In the area I was searching, most homes were in the 100K price range. That really didn’t get you very much when it comes to a home. If you wanted a home that was habitable, that is about what you could expect for 100K. I figured , why spend that much when a guy could spend half or less and remodel a home to his own desires. That being said, most lower priced homes were in need of some major structural help along with everything else. Obviously I was searching for home remodeling project during a sellers market. Either way, I still needed a house to remodel and call home.

  The local paper had a house for sale in the town I was currently living. So, I called and set a time to take look. I was impressed with the location and general lay of the property.  It was situated about 3 miles outside of a booming town yet still had a country feel to it. A half acre of land came with it which was located near the county bike trail system. Half of the adjoining properties were vacant and the other were occupied by some older homes. It seemed I had found the home remodeling project I was looking for