Budget Kitchen Remodel

I Made Did a Budget Kitchen Remodel for Under $1500

Remodeling a kitchen on a budget

Budget Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen can be one of the most expensive remodeling projects of the entire home . Even if you purchase cabinets at a discount wharehouse you can still end up with a huge investment into your kitchen. I found a great way to do a budget kitchen remodel for my home improvement project.

Get your tools ready cause you're going to do this kitchen remodel on your own, the DIY way.
In order to keep the budget kitchen remodel total cost low, I found a person in a high end neighborhood that was looking to remodel their kitchen. I made an offer to remove their old cabinets free of charge. This way, the home owner didn't have to be bothered with removing his old cabinets himself or pay someone else to do it for him. Everybody wins in this situation.
I made sure the old kitchen cabinets I removed were in good shape before I made the offer.
The kitchen cabinets are probably 75% of the total cost of most kitchens
Next you will need to find some flooring material. I chose to go with a tile floor. Searching all over town for the right price proved to be worth while. I was able to purchase some left over tiles for around $500.00. The tile floor underlayment cost around $200.00 using a Home Depot 10% off movers discount coupon. Find out how to get that coupon on my Home Remodeling Loan page.

Used kitchen cabinets

Used Kitchen Cabinets

The cabinets were of the later 1980's vintage. The cabinets were constructed of particle board and had Oak fronts with raised Oak panel doors and drawers. They were all in relatively good shape for being some 20 years old.
To clean up the used kitchen cabinets, I removed all the cabinet doors and associated hardware. With some 220 grit sandpaper I sanded all the cabinet fronts, doors and drawers. Once all was sanded I recoated the kitchen cabinets with a similar stain to bring the beauty back to life.
Using a satin finish laquer in an aerosal can, I sprayed on a nice protective finish which made the used kitchen cabinets look like new again.
All it took was about two weekends to remove the cabinets and refinish them! I I estimate my savings to be $7500.00 off a budget kitchen remodel just by refinishing used kitchen cabinets the DIY way.

Kitchen Counter Tops

Kitchen counter tops can be purchased at your local home centers in pre cut lengths. A pre-made counter top is OK if you can afford the cost, but in my case the budget kitchen remodel dimensions and cabinet layout would demand more of custom counter top. For my home project I would have to build a kitchen countertop from scratch.

A custom made counter top is relatively simple to make. It just requires a lot of time and space to complete such a project.
Material cost was around $450.00 which included particle board, glue, laminate and a Oak board.
More details on how to make the custom kitchen counter top will follow.

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