DIY Home Kitchen Countertop Project

Build a Kitchen Countertop

Remodeling a kitchen on a budget

Save Money and Build your own Kitchen Countertops

For my budget kitchen remodeling project I decided to build my own countertops to save some money. I wasn't exactly impressed with what the big discount centers had to offer in pre made countertops and the design of my kitchen didn't help matters much either. My kitchen countertop space was quite large and has many pieces to complete the entire countertop.

Since I had never been exposed to building countertops I consulted with a cabinet shop expert to lead me in the right direction.
First on the list was to come up with a material list to start building the countertops. In order to do that I needed my kitchen layout design complete.
A work space big enough to build and set up the entire layout of the countertops was needed. I found a friend who let me borrow his garage for a month. That worked out great!

Used kitchen cabinets

Material List for Building Kitchen Countertops

Now that the kitchen layout design was complete, all the cabinets were set in place. From there I measured the total length of countertops. The countertops actually added up to five total pieces for a grand total of 426 inches (35.5 feet) of running countertop length. To get a rough countertop area dimension, multiply the running length (in inches) by 25, which equals 10650 square inches or roughly 74 square feet of countertop area. Since a sheet of particle board comes in a standard 4X8 sheet divide 74 by 32 which equals 3 sheets needed to complete the countertops. One extra sheet of partical board is needed for build up and backsplash.
The number of individual countertops you have will dictate the pieces of laminate needed to complete the countertop. Just make sure you purchase enough laminate to obtain full pieces of laminate for each countertop piece.
In my installation I chose to incorporate a 45 degree Oak trim edge. One piece of 3/4 inch thick by 8 inches wide of Oak board slightly longer than the longest countertop is all I needed.
Roughly one gallon of laminate adhesive will be plenty to complete this job

Notes on Building Kitchen Countertops

When building countertops it is ideal to have the least amount of seams as possible. In other words, a countertop that wraps around a corner may need a seam depending on the total size of a corner countertop. To measure a corner countertop simply measure the length and width of the outside dimensions. If the length and width measurement is greater than the standard dimensions of a piece of laminate you will need to seam a piece in. The less you have to seam the more pleasing the countertop will be.

A custom made counter top is relatively simple to make. It just requires a lot of time and space to complete such a project.
Material cost was around $450.00 which included particle board, glue, laminate and a Oak board.
More details on how to make the custom kitchen counter top will follow.

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