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Fender Champ 5F1 Circuit

When I first had the idea of building a guitar amp I wasn't sure which circuit to try and build. I new it should be something relatively simple and not to pricey. After all I had never ventured into anything of this nature before. A buddy of mine suggested I build a 5F1 Amp. The 5F1 circuit is otherwise known as the Fender Champ. The Champ is a very popular model from the 50's and famed by many musicians.

The 5F1 circuit guitar amp is fairly simple and requires only a few major components. The most expensive being the power transformer, output transformer, speaker and tubes. To keep costs down I built my own chassis and fabricated my own circuit board. My 5F1 guitar amp wasn't intended to be an exact replica by any means and it definitely isn't if you compare my photos with an original.

Electrical Shock Hazard !

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