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How to Install Turrets and Eyelets

When it comes to wiring up a vintage style guitar amp circuit board it only takes a few simple tools and a little patience. My project used the turret type of contact which looks like a little tiny post with a couple of rings - one at the top and one in the middle. A hole through the center can be used to solder components to or typically one would wrap the wire lead of a component around the turret and then solder. Either way works fine and also provides many mounting options. The circuit board material I used is made of a phenolic fiberglass reinforced product and is 1/8 inch in thickness and green in color.

The nuts and bolts hardware stash came in handy once again. I found an old automotive bolt and was able to drill a hole in the end of it just big enough to fit the top of a turret in. By securing the bolt in a vise you can set a turret in the hole and align you circuit board over the top. The main idea here is to flare the backside of the turret on the backside of your circuit board. It's really a pretty simple task but may require a little coordination or help from a friend.

I went ahead and sacrificed a 1/4 inch punch in order to flare or "stake" the turrets into place. The punch is normally flat at the end but using a grinder I bevelled the punch end to a slight point. The punch end is better seen in the next picture below.

About two to three taps with a hammer and thats all it takes for installing turrets and eyelets.



Here is a close up view of the bevelled punch or what is now my turret staking tool. Notice the turrets have a nice little flare to them. They are actually very sturdy and shouldn't be loose when you are complete.





Once all of the turrets are installed on your circuit board the components can be set in place. Aren't old tube guitar amps cool??

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