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Thinking about Remodeling a Old Home?

Remodeling an old home

So you want to do some remodeling on your old home?
People all over are looking for ways to make money remodeling homes without hiring a contractor! covers several do it yourself home remodeling projects to get you started.

Projects Around The Home You Can Do Yourself

DIY Checklist

Home remodeling checklist

A remodeling checklist will save unexpected costs, time and make your next project a breese!

  1. Scope of Project
  2. Budget
  3. Material List
  4. Required Tools
  5. Design and Layout
  6. Time Frame

Kitchens Under $1500.00

Now if your like most people that are feeling the crunch of our economy, saving some money on your home remodeling project is what your after. I found a way to do a budget kitchen remodel for under $1500.00. With refurbished used cabinets, new tile flooring and home made countertops, the remodeled kitchen turned out great! You'll be surprised what you can do to your kitchen for less than $1500.00.

flipping a house project

Project House Flip

Search around the web, local paper, and even the grocery store bulletin board to find some great house flipping deals. I found a 1000 square foot home ready for a complete remodel using the local paper. With my DIY home remodeling knowledge I was able to purchase, remodel and sell for a nice profit.

Curious? - See how much it really cost to remodel a home.

Home restoration project

Guitar Amplifier Projects

Occasionally I like to work on other things besides working on homes. I took some notes and pictures of my guitar tube amp project I started. This little amp is fully vacuum tube powered and really cranks!

Gutted Interior

Crimp a Coax Connector

Looking to do some wiring crimping and coax connector terminations? Here's several step by step instructions on how to terminate wiring connectors.