Installing Vinyl Siding

Pictures of Installing Vinyl Siding

Installed Vinyl Siding

Installed vinyl sidingOn an old home vinyl siding can really change the appearance in a timely and cost efficient manner.

Vinyl Siding J Channel

vinyl siding j channelJ channel can be used to go around doors, windows and as bottom starter strips. The ends of vinyl siding fit loosely inside the channel of the "J".

J Channel Installed Around a Door frame

J channel installed around a door frameJ channel is cut to fit and nailed around the door frame. Siding panels can then be cut to fit and inserted into the "J" of the channel. The J channel provides a finished look to the cut ends of the vinyl siding panel.

Vinyl Siding panel end Installed in the J Channel

Vinyl siding panel end in the j channelVinyl siding panels fit loosely into the J channel.

Profile of the Vinyl Siding Corner Piece

Profile of the vinyl siding corner pieceThis piece is used on corners to accept vinyl siding panels. Inside and outside corner pieces are available.

Vinyl Siding Installation

Installing vinyl sidingInstallation of vinyl siding starts at the bottom and is worked up. The joints should be staggered as layers are added to make a waterproof installation. When nailing vinyl siding panels DO NOT fully set the nail head. Approximately 1/8" to 1/4" of the nail head should be left exposed. The vinyl siding panel should be free to move or float.

Vinyl Siding Accessories

Vinyl siding accessories

Hanging Vinyl Siding

Hanging vinyl siding

J Channel used at Bottom and Sides

J channel used at bottom and sides

Mismatched Color of Vinyl Siding Panels

ismatched Color of Vinyl Siding Panels

Vinyl Siding Overlapped

Vinyl Siding Overlapped

Nailing the Vinyl Siding Panel

Nailing the Vinyl Siding Panel

Vinyl Siding Corner Piece Installed

Vinyl Siding Corner Piece Installed

Vinyl Siding Corner Piece

Vinyl Siding Corner Piece

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