Building a Deck

Pictures of Building a Deck

Lag Bolting the Deck Joist stringer

Lag bolt deck joistTo start, a frame must be built around the perimeter of the deck. Lag bolts are used to secure the main stringers to the deck post. Floor joist are used in between the stringers.

Deck Joist Hanger

Deck joist hangerMetal joist h angers are used to attach the deck floor joist to the stringer structure.

6X6 Deck Support Post

6x6 deck postThe deck post's are are 6x6 treated timbers. The deck floor joist are attached to the 6x6 posts as well too.

Framing the Deck Structure

Framing the deckThe deck floor joist's are installed 16 inches on center. The deck floor joist were 2x10 treated lumber. Hangers were used at each end of the floor joist and recessed the thickness of a 5/4 floor board.

Deck Floor Joist Installed

Deck floor joist installedAnother picture of the deck floor joist being installed.

Deck Framing

Deck framing

Installing Deck Boards

Installing deck boards5/4 treated decking was used. The floor joist's were recessed to allow the 5/4 deck boards to sit flush with the deck stringer structure. Deck boards were started at the house and worked out toward the edge of the deck.

Deck Railing was Made From 2x4 Treated Lumber

Back porch area before deck and roof was addedThe deck railing was built using 2x4's. A ddeck railing frame was made on the floor then set into place and attached to deck post structure. 2x6 deck railing tops were screwed on (up) from the bottom to provide a "screw less" look on the deck rail top. It turned out really great!

2x4 deck Rail

2x4 deck rail

Finished and Stained Deck

Finished and stained deck

Stained Deck

Stained deck

Finished Deck

Completed wood deckThe finished deck turned out great. The totalsize was 10 x 32 with a huge 8x8 extension for the steps down to the driveway parking area. With the 6x6 post and 2x4 deck railing I think the deck turned out looking very structurally sound and functional.

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