Building a Garden Block Wall

Pictures of Building a Garden Block Wall

Garden Block Retaining Wall

Garden block retaining wallBuilding a garden block retaining wall is easy as long as you get the first layer of block set in properly. The garden block wall will last a lifetime if done properly.

Digging Out for a Garden Block Wall

Digging out for a garden block wallFirst the area for the block wall must be dug out into level sections.

Garden Block

Garden BlockJust a regular 12 inch garden block was used in the construction of the block retaining wall.

Installing Garden Blocks

Installing wall blockEach garden block must be set in place manually by hand levelling each on as you go. I used fine dirt and sand to level each block individually and lightly tamping each block into place. Dirt is added or removed as needed during the installation of the first row.

Laying out the First Row of Garden Block

Laying out the first row of garden block

Levelling the First Row of a Garden Block Retaining Wall

Levelling the first rowof the retaining wallChecking level as you go is very important to maintain a level wall. The first row is the most critical step in installing a garden block retaining wall.

Stacking Garden Blocks

Stacking garden blocksIt is important to stagger the garden blocks on top of one another. The top block should be stacked evenly on top of two blocks and compensated as you go to keep an even stagger of joints as the retaining wall is built.

A Finished Garden Block Retaining Wall

Garden Block retaining wall

Block Wall

Garden block wall

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