Building a Covered Porch

Pictures of a building a Deck with a Covered Porch Roof

Porch Roof Pier Holes

Porch roof pier holes being dugTo make a covered deck I started out by laying out the piers to support the deck and the porch roof. The pier holes were dug at 8 foot intervals and a minimum of 36 inches deep. String line was used to mark the outside dimensions of the deck framing.

Covered Porch Roof Structure

Covered porch roof structure6x6 post were used as the main deck and porch roof support structure. Several 2x4's were used to keep the structure square while the main roof joist's were installed.

6X6 Porch Roof Support Post

6x6 porch roof support postThe porch roof structure shown with roof joist and roof sheeting installed.

Roof Joist Hangers

Joist hangers used to support roof joistJoist hangers were installed to support the covered porch roof.

Roof Hurricane Straps

Porch roof huricane strapsEach roof joist was toe nailed into the supporting structure then huricane straps were installed at each porch roof joist to ensure wind would not lift the roof off of structure.

Installing Rolled Roofing Material

Installing rolled roofing materialDue to the flat pitch of the covered deck roof, rolled roofing material was used.

Installing Roofing Material

Installing roofing material

Back porch area before deck and roof was added

Back porch area before deck and roof was added

Finished Covered Back Porch

Finished covered porch roof

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