Cutting Vinyl Siding

Pictures of How to Cut Vinyl Siding

Using Shears to cut Vinyl Siding

Cutting vinyl siding with shearsFor short or small cuts on vinyl siding shears can be used. shears are also good to use for cutting out holes for electrical fixtures such as a lamp or wall electrical outlet.

Cutting Vinyl Siding with Tin Snips

Cutting vinyl siding with tin snipsTin snips can be used to cut vinyl siding around window and door frames.

Cut Vinyl Siding with a Utility Knife

Cutting vinyl siding with a utility knifeFor long cuts on vinyl siding a utility knife and straight edge should be used. Score the vinyl siding with the knife and then using your hands bend and break the vinyl siding at scored edge.

Cutting Vinyl Siding with a Circular Saw

Cutting vinyl siding with a circular sawTo keep the edges square a jig and circular saw can be used. Install the blade backwards on the saw for a nice clean cut. This is better than free-hand cutting with snips for a finished look.

Diagonal Vinyl Siding Cuts

Make diagonal cuts on vinyl sidingWith a jig vinyl siding can be cut diagonally.

Vinyl Siding Cutting Jig

Vinyl siding cutting jig

Jig for Cutting Vinyl Siding

Cutting vinyl siding in a jig

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