Building a Tie Wall

Pictures of Building a Tie Wall

Building a Tie Wall with Railroad Ties

staggering tie wall jointsA tie wall has many uses. In my case I built a tie wall to retain the rock in my driveway and to level the driveway parking area. The tie wall was only two rows high but more rows can be added as needed in your case. This is a simple explanation of how to build a tie wall with railroad ties.

Preparing for a Tie Wall

Preparing for a Tie WallThe general area should be cleared to allow a good work area. Use a string line to identify the tie wall placement.

Tie Wall Prep

Tie Wall Prep Railroad ties are set in the general location where they will be used.

Measuring for the Tie Wall

Measuring for the tie wallOnce the tie wall area is marked level must be found. Using a string line and level - level the string and measure the ground to string distance. Starting at the lowest spot start digging to get a level surface for the first railroad tie.

First Row of the Tie Wall

First Row of the Tie WallThe first row must be straight and level in order for the subsequent rows of ties to fit properly. Use a long bubble level to help determine if the ground is level or not. Use finely chopped up dirt to fill in low spots.

Aligning the Tie Wall

Aligning the Tie WallThe tie wall is kept in alignment by using a string line to identify the layout of the wall. The string is also used to help determine the amount of ground that needs to be dug up to maintain level.

Levelling a Tie Wall

Levelling a Tie WallAgain, the string line is levelled to provide a reference point.

Levelling Ties

Levelling tiesThrough the construction of a tie wall level should be checked periodically.

Starting the Second Row of a Tie Wall

Starting the Second Row of a Tie WallThe second row of ties are ser in place and nailed to the tie below. The ties are staggered at the ends and set back in towards the fill side so as to "lean" in like a pyramid. I used a set back of about a 1/2 inch.

Installing a Tie Wall

Installing a Tie Wall

Building the Retaining Tie Wall

Building the Retaining Tie Wall

Measure to Level the Tie Wall

Measure to Level the Tie Wall

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