Alternative to Cable TV

205627_No hidden fees to stream. None. Nada. Zippo.

Save Huge Money using the Roku® Streaming Player - an Alternative to Cable TV

Get rid of Satellite and Cable TV

Spending too much on Satellite or Cable TV?

I have finally found an inexpensive alternative to cable TV by using my existing internet connection and a Roku® streaming media box.

The cost of living just keeps going up and up with no slow down in sight. So, now I have decided to do something about it and find an alternative to satellite and cable TV. I've been a satellite TV subscriber for years now and have also subscribed to cable TV as well. Both services offer many TV show options but for a premium price. The thought of paying $100.00 month or better for TV is insane. I barely watch it! The extent of my TV viewing is usually local TV channels, some ocassional informational shows and a movie or two. In a years time I will spend approximately $1200.00 for an enormous number of TV channels that I never watch. I'm sure all of us could use $1200.00 on something else like a vacation or paying off our homes.

205627_No hidden fees to stream, (None. Nada. Zippo.)

There are Alternatives to stop paying for Cable TV

 Back in 2009 I bought a Blu-Ray DVD player and found it had capabilities of streaming media wirelessly through a router over the internet. It included internet sources such as Netflix and YouTube. Pretty cool for watching short videos and movies but didn't quite provide a all around alternative to cable TV.

Skip forward to 2013...
With the advances in internet service and streaming media services available today, the TV viewing options almost endless. A whole slew of FREE TV is available over the internet - legally! I started doing some more research and came across the Roku® Streaming Player . The Roku® is a small yet very functional device that streams media content from an internet connection either wirelessly or wired. Roku® provides several different streaming options depending on your personal preference and needs.

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No More Cable TV Bills

It's easy to watch hundreds of free TV channels and have no more nagging cable TV bills.

Here's how I eliminated my cable TV bill.

  1. Stop your Satellite or Cable TV subscriptions
  2. Purchase the Roku® Streaming Player
  3. Get a digital TV antenna

That's it! With the Roku® and a digital TV antenna you will have access to local digital TV stations and with the Roku® you will have access to hundreds of free TV channels just like you would if you had satellite or cable TV. See the video below

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