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Using The Internet To Make Money

The internet had always intrigued me. I thought it was a really cool idea to be able to have a website that people would come to and see what I had to say or show. Maybe this would be the way to make something interesting for people and suppelement my income at the same time?

The DIY home remodeling project that I was documenting with photos would make great content for a website. So I set out to build my website (JustWoodandNails.com). With all the online site builders available it was really easy to make the site. Basically just drag and drop whatever you want into spaces on your screen and you have a website. Easy!
After I had a good portion of my site built I was searching the internet for simple ways to make money with all the content I had posted to my site. I learned many people use pay per click type programs to earn an extra income from their website creations so I signed up with the Google Adsense program. I was very surprised to see instant results from inserting Google ads into my website pages. People were actually clicking on the ads which generated extra monthly revenue for me.

Internet Money System Scam

Easy Money Systems and Scams

I'm almost sure you have researched "ways to make money online" in hopes of finding an easy out to all your financial troubles. Well, I'm here to tell you nothing comes easy. I don't know how many countless internet courses and systems are available on the web but I've seen several and most will end up just costing you money. The best ways to make money online requires hard work and effort. I find it funny to watch how most of these online systems show you how great it would be to earn a steady online income by simply doing nothing. Don't fall for these scams. It's just some person trying to take your money.

Actual website earnings potential

Creative Websites That Make Money

The Just Wood and Nails website was developed in hopes of offering some useful information to you, the internet user, and in return maybe a small percentage of users will have a need for the adverstisements displayed on this site.
It's a win / win situation for myself and the internet user. The user gets some information that I have to offer (hopefully useful!) and I take take a small percentage of ad revenue when an advertisement is clicked.
There are no tricks here. This website is just one of many creative ways to make money using plain old content that I created from remodeling a house and supported by serving advertisements from Google Adsense. That's it! Everyone can benefit form this type of internet business model.

Current website earnings

Build a Website To Make Money On The Side

So you might be wondering how much money can you make from a website? Well, there is no limit. But, in reality, most will not make much at all. If you're out to start a internet website venture, make a website on something you are comfortable with. Something you can be truthful, honest and helpful to your internet user. When you provide something a user is seeking, Google Adsense will do the rest and the money will come.
I found ways to make money on the side by inserting ads into each page of the Just Wood and Nails website. All of the pages in Just Wood and Nails are based on experiences that I've had. Some are pictures with explanations of what I've done and others are content only pages. Each page contains advertisements that are supported by the Google Adsense program.
The revenue generated here varies monthly. Just Wood and Nails is your average site with an average website income that can range anywhere from $80 to over $120 a month in advertisement income. And thats just money made on the side.
Once your website is made the income stream you desire is up to you. The more time and effort you put into good content for your visitors, the more likely your income revenue will increase monthly. Take some time and page through the JustWoodandNails.com website and see if this is something you could do to create other ways to make money for your self.

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