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Remodeling the Exterior

Some of the best remodeling projects you can do involve remodeling the exterior. Making the exterior of your remodeling project home shine can have huge payoffs in the end if you are trying to sell your property. Curb appeal is what its all about.

The exterior needed a facelift. It had two layers of siding installed. All the original siding was removed and thrown in the trash. See my house siding demolition page for more details.

The house was constructed of 1X10′s and 1X12′s. All of the exterior wall boards were re-nailed to ensure a solid fit. Any boards that were rotten were replaced. I used OSB sheating as a substitute. OSB is a lot cheaper than going with 1X10′s and no one will ever see it any way.

The entire exterior structure was covered with Tyvek wrap. This provided a weather tight barrier and protected the wood structure underneath. New windows and doors were installed after the Tyvek was put in place. Tyvek tape was used to seal the vinyl window frame nail tab to the Tyvek barrier. Below are some exterior remodeling pictures.

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