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Home Remodeling Help

Back when I started my home remodeling project, I knew I was in for a huge challenge. The shear thought of accomplishing all the repairs and updates by myself was a discouraging thought. Luckily a friend of mine had a similar home improvement project he was working on.

With the two home remodeling projects that we had going, we decided to put our heads together and help each other out. Each of us made a list of our remodeling projects and we then worked out a plan to complete them.
The Home Improvement Help Club has been working since summer 2006.  The Home Improvement Club has worked well and we all enjoy it. Working together actually makes projects fun and go a lot faster. The fact that I give up one night a week is minimal. I got used to one night a week shortly after we started and look forward to having some home remodeling help every week.

Our Home Remodeling Club basically consists of three people (on a regular basis).
The club meets once a week usually at 5:00 PM and alternates every week between the three houses. Most often we plan a night to work that is convenient for all. Generally our work night options are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. By having three different nights as options we usually find a suitable night to do remodeling work for each person involved.
By having two or more people working on a home remodeling project you essentially reduce your labor time by half. But more importantly, having a buddy there to help is a huge inspiration to get the job done. Having a buddy help with home improvement is a huge relief to the stress of “Do it Yourself” type work. Your buddy can provide a different opinion or different suggestions with certain home remodeling questions you may encounter and also offer support when you might have doubts. Additionally, the fact that another person may have the tool required for a specific job is a huge help. Within the Home Improvement Help Club, my buddies and I were able to share many tools throughout our remodeling projects which kept our home improvement cost down.

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