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Purchasing a DIY Home Remodeling Project

Paying rent just didn’t seem like a good thing to keep doing. It was ok at first , but I just couldn’t see paying someone else’s mortgage payment. The rent house I had got me by but I was ready for something I could call my own. I decided to purchase a DIY home remodeling project.

I wasn’t made of money yet I consider myself somewhat skilled in building things. I couldn’t afford too much home so I new I would need to remodel a less expensive home to my taste. My search was long and I finally found a little house that was already gutted.

 Below are some pictures of the house and property before any remodeling work was started.

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New Vinyl Siding

To make the old house have more curb appeal, new vinyl siding was installed. Vinyl siding offers a cost effective way to add curb appeal and to protect the structure of the house when you are considering a remodeling project. Installing vinyl siding goes on super fast and is relatively easy once you get the techniques down to install siding.

The entire exterior of the home was covered with Dutch double lap vinyl siding. The color was a very light sage, almost grey in color. All trim pieces were natching in color as well. Some people like to use a contrasting color for the vinyl siding trim pieces such as white. White trim could have been used to match the new vinyl windows. Below are some siding installation pictures.

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