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How to Install Soffit and Fascia

Installing soffit and fascia can add increased value to your fresh DIY home remodeling project. Soffit and fascia can also add protection from the elements as well. Not to mention it will also keep pests out of your attic such as birds, squirrels and wasp’s etc. The expense of installing soffit and fascia is relatively cheap for the DIY individual.

Before starting your soffit and fascia installation a material list will need to be developed. Measure the length the roof over hangs your wall in a horizontal manner. Next measure your total length of all walls. In convert all measurements to inches and multiply the total length of walls times the amount of roof overhang. This will give you your total amount of soffit needed. Convert your final number to feet by multiplying by 12. The amount of J-Channel needed will be your total wall length and the same length of fascia will be required as well.

When shopping for soffit and fascia I prefer to use a store that is dedicated to supplies of this nature. I used a store such as “ABC Roofing and Siding”. The folks that work at these stores are experienced and will generally provide useful advice when purchasing soffit and fascia supplies. They will also be able to provide a lot more choices of types and colors of soffit and fascia available. I was able to take a complete diagram of the exterior dimensions of my home and have them figure what was needed to complete my soffit and fascia installation. A specialized store of this nature for the DIY home remodeling type persons can be  a huge help compared to the big box stores such as Lowes and Home Depot. I think you will find that you get a lot more value from a specialized store as well.

The Soffit F-channel is installed onto the home wall horizontally from the roof overhang edge. Install the soffit F-channel in a level manner all the way around the home. Once the F-channel is in place the soffit can be cut to the desired length. Soffit usually comes in sheets of 10 foot in length. The soffit widths can vary from 12 or 16 inches typically. Soffit is cut length wise using the measurement from the wall to the roof eave overhang edge measurement. The cut soffit is made to join at the ends.

Soffit is then inserted into the F-channel that was previously installed onto the wall. Using screws or nails you can then fasten the soffit to the roof edge. Continue this process all the way down each wall.

Once all the soffit is installed, fascia can be hung into place which overlaps the soffit nailed to the roof edge. Fascia will  finish off the project hiding all the soffit edges. Fascia is installed up under the roof drip edge and overlaps the soffit nailed to the roof fascia board.

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