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Add Curb Appeal with Vinyl Siding

Your old home looks like the worst home in the neighborhood. You’ve just recently finished a DIY home remodeling project inside and are ready to give your house some curb appeal on the outside, but what to do? Adding vinyl siding to an old home is probably one of the most cost effective and quickest way to give your home and a brand new look. Old Siding and SoffitThe cost to remodel your homes siding is relatively cheap compared to the paybacks you can attain when selling your home.

If you’ve spent the entire winter inside remodeling your home it’s time to get outside and think of the exterior. There are many different types of home vinyl siding available that will give your home a cosmetic facelift. Vinyl siding comes in many styles and colors to choose from. I reccomend going to a specialty store that deals predominantly in home vinyl siding. This type of store will have the most selection and qualified people available to help you in your decisions. The big box stores generally only carry a couple different styles and colors. Don’t limit your project to a couple colors. Try and stand out from the neighbors – this is what will set your home apart and possibly add more curb appeal value for your vinyl siding installation.

Remodeling the siding of your home with vinyl siding is quick since in most cases you can apply new vinyl siding directly over the existing siding. If in your case it is neccesary to remove the existing siding then I would reccomend getting a dumpster dropped in your driveway. Removing old siding adds up to a huge mess. My DIY home remodeling project turned out to have two layers of siding which led me to opt to remove both layers before installing new vinyl siding.

Permits typically aren’t needed to remodel the siding on your home, but I would check with your local zoning board before doing so. It’s better avoid conflicts in the middle of a job.

The finished vinyl siding product is going to not only add curb appeal but will protect your investment from the elements as well. Installing vinyl siding is worth the effort in my opinion. The application goes on really fast and you will be able to see your results immediately. Your neighbors will as well.

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New Vinyl Siding

To make the old house have more curb appeal, new vinyl siding was installed. Vinyl siding offers a cost effective way to add curb appeal and to protect the structure of the house when you are considering a remodeling project. Installing vinyl siding goes on super fast and is relatively easy once you get the techniques down to install siding.

The entire exterior of the home was covered with Dutch double lap vinyl siding. The color was a very light sage, almost grey in color. All trim pieces were natching in color as well. Some people like to use a contrasting color for the vinyl siding trim pieces such as white. White trim could have been used to match the new vinyl windows. Below are some siding installation pictures.

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