The Tube Guitar Amp Project

Classic All Tube Amp for Guitar

The front of the house

Thinking of Building a Tube Amp

A friend of mine came over to jam one day. He brought his original issue Fender Deluxe guitar amp which had been restored with new tubes and some capacitors. The old Fender amp had seen some days of use and it showed. To my surprise the old Fender was absolutely awesome sounding. Since I had never owned or really been up close and personal with a tube amp I was amazed at how good that it sounded. I had previously based all my guitar practice off of transistor powered amps. The sound of the transistor amp was like night and day compared to the old tube guitar amp. After looking at the Fender circuitry involved, I new I could build a smaller version for starters, just to get my feet wet.

A look from the back yard

Tube Amp Circuit

  A valve amplifier, as it turns out, is not that hard to build. The circuitry is relatively simple in design and fairly inexpensive. My first guitar amp project cost me around $200 using quality new parts. All it takes is a few simple hand and power tools to build the amp. I actually ended up fabricating the chassis, circuit board, and cabinet with my own materials. This saved a little on the total expense and also gave the amplifier a custom look. Makes me a little prouder of my accomplishments too. I will get in to detail of how I built each piece further in the site.

Guitar Amp Construction

  With careful planning, layout, and construction your guitar amp will turn out excellent. On my first power up of the all valve amplifier, the power output tube went in to super duper feed back mode and ended up ruining the output tube. After a few hours of investigating why this happened I found the problem, fixed it and was pleasantly pleased with how the little guitar amp sounded. My point is, don't expect the initial power up to turn out perfect. Some troubleshooting may be required but with the vast resources available on the web you will be sure to find the fix.

Getting to work on the spring lawn

My Projects

  I consider myself to be a hands on type of guy and capable of many things. I always seem to find something that needs worked on or just start from scratch and build something new.  Mechanical and electrical things have always been interesting to me. My home remodeling project site might be of interest and also give you idea of the crazy crap I get myself into.